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About us

Sovere was founded in 1976 in response to the demands from the footwear sector, and is now a leading manufacturer of compounds for a wide range of uses. By applying the typical philosophy of the fashion sector – creativity, innovation, rapid design and excellent service – Sovere has become a main landmark for a wide range of industries. The company has always prioritised creating firm partnerships with its clients, to enable designing customised formulations which guarantee the maximum results in compliance with current legislation and always fully respecting the environment. The Sovere factory is totally automated with cutting edge technology equipment and a highly advanced laboratory, which are run by the expertly skilled staff who are able to respond to any market need.



Our driving aim is to supply our clients with high added value solutions, assisting them in solving their design and applications problems, or researching new solutions to make their product production cycles simpler and cheaper.

As a technological partner, SOVERE provides all its knowhow and structures to produce customised materials for each single client’s needs.

Our organisation has been carefully studied to ensure our clients are offered the best solutions as rapidly as possible.

Fundamental importance is given to researching and developing innovative, ecofriendly materials, while maintaining high focus on the safety and welfare of our employees.

Our Vision


Our company is undergoing constant development and we are now the recognised leader in our field. Our thirty years of experience enable us to be leaders in the production of rigid and plasticised compounds for numerous applications: components the construction, furniture, footwear, car, household appliances, electrical and packaging industries.

We are certified in compliance with the latest standards and regulations, but the most important factor for us, and which shows the importance of our focus on our quality system, is our customer satisfaction which is demonstrated through the consultation, management, production and supply of the products. This responsible attitude expresses our business ethics, attentive in all our strategic decisions, which is why our entire production cycle has been designed with scrupulous attention paid to the environment and the value of global quality


  • 1976

    Sovere Srl was founded after taking over the Vicenza based company Sovire, which worked in the footwear sector, with a total production of 3,000 tons per year.

  • 1983

    Sales expansion began outside the footwear sector and production doubled.

  • 1993

    The factory site was moved and sales rose to 12,000 tons per year.

  • 1998

    The new micro-expanded MICROTECH was presented, which revolutionised the footwear market. The new factory was inaugurated with a production capacity of 30,000 tons per year.

  • 2000

    The success of MICROTECH boosted sales to 25,000 tons per year: 40% of production was exported around the world.

  • 2003

    The new factory was opened in Mexico with a production capacity of 8,000 tons per year.

  • 2004

    Commercial agreement with Tecnocom, an Argentine compound manufacturer, to produce MICROTECH and RUBFLEX under licence from SOVERE to supply the South-American market (PVC Tecnocom).


Research began to develop the new EVONPLUS products, an ultralight material for the footwear sector, and ECORUB, a new generation, compact expanded ecofriendly product, using raw materials from natural renewable sources. The new factory was inaugurated in Mexico with a production capacity of 15,000 tons per year.

Innovative service

We expect our clients to demand innovation and, in fact, we suggest it. We process and experiment customised formulations, always guaranteeing long-lasting and constant quality standards. This is our philosophy: be a skilled, innovative, flexible and commanding partner who always aims at fully satisfying the client.

Social Responsibility

Sovere is very aware of the problems regarding health and safety in the workplace and protecting the environment, and fully respects all the current applicable legislation, encouraging employees to act in a responsible manner.

  • All the products are free from lead, cadmium, mercury and VI chrome.
  • All the products are 100% recyclable.
  • Products have been perfected that are very attentive to safeguarding the environment through the use of raw materials from renewable natural resources (ECORUB).
  • Sovere products have the “Green PVC” mark, and are free from all the raw materials listed in the candidate substances that are defined as SVHC, and issued in October 2008 by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), in accordance with the REACH regulations.
  • All production processes are automated and designed to minimise waste of any resources. Focus is constantly placed on improving all the processes, addressed to improving overall efficiency and giving our clients an increasingly viable price-quality ratio.