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Innovation is a way of life, and is not improvised nor the prerogative of a single department or individual. New products are obviously experimented in the laboratory, but that is just a moment in the entire process where innovation is the guiding spirit for all our staff. Given our creative approach and extensive experience in compounds, Sovere has always focused on designing products that offer innovative performances, and we do not just aim to satisfy the market demands but to be ahead of them, which is why we believe greatly investing in both human and instrumental resources in our laboratory.


We expect our clients to demand innovation and, in fact, we suggest it. We process and experiment customised formulations, always guaranteeing long-lasting and constant quality standards. This is our philosophy: be a skilled, innovative, flexible and commanding partner who always aims at fully satisfying the client.


Research, innovation, controlling the production parameters and physical properties of the materials are the foundations that company growth is founded on. The laboratory is the internal structure that is responsible for managing technological innovation and consistent production quality.

Sovere is ready to face this challenge further to the considerable investments in cutting edge instrumentation and highly specialised staff. The laboratory occupies an area of 300 m2 and employees a team of 7 comprising researchers, analysts and assistants. The laboratory conducts the essential analyses that are required to fine tune the new projects and offer a top level customer consultation and support service.